Black Boots Table that sound right to you. dedicated to you know hoot hoot hoot fiction this, shit!

Art Statement: Black Boots Table
that sound right to you.
dedicated to you know hoot hoot hoot
fiction this,

date: 5.2.16, 5.3.16, 5.4.16
theme: the cabinet window
theme music: “misguided light”
theme artist: Younghusband
citation: npr dot org slash music as accessed on 5 dot 2 dot 16
ooh travaise that trivet
with all that money you don’t even words mean
go back to 1825 where mold still grows
we still carryin’ all that Sin
and we don’t like it One Bit
what his name: they don’t get Ancient Greek
ooh yup yup
you do it right you live on
you do it wrong, you don’t gotta move
My Sister Cat
She wanna be my sister now
and offer me her free room so that I can work it for free.
he’s all red in face embarrassed
I was friends with her once,
uh-uh she took Ballet!
uh-uh Buddy that was You.
Our Write!
Yup Yup Yup
She grew up to Be God.
and he still down to $200,000 of his Trust Fund.
I always wonder,
You Build Trust with ,
that fund:
I ain’t jokin’ either
he dead in Love
in God
You think God wears.

Part II. Somebody else’s voice
Ohio sound alot me like Iowa
You sure you grew up in just the one
and not the both
where those girls being flatten their hair way past 1975
He’s like she shamin’ me
I’m like that don’t matter
Oh, god I love Free Speech
citation: them again: The Free Speech Movement Cafe
there’s good food there, no joke:
as attended on campus, often in the class year of 2002 to 2003 (UC Berkeley)

I know all kinds of things about him,
I could let all of that of Out
but uh I’m tryin’ to do it Justice
I shouldn’t say I’m trying do him justice,
I should just say I’m trying do it justice …
do-od it do-od it do-od it do-od it do-od it
I try to rest up,
everytime I try to wrest up,
some kind of peculiar noise bee makin’ its way to my state,
if you please.
he know what trite is,
he don’t even know what trite is,
that’s prolly polly cause
he trite.
trib it trip it trib it trip it
it done enough for now!
she what?
real fit.
his family light out of money.
Oh, hose payin’ this
oh he is.
You see that checkbook and and what it means straight up light disappear into the justice: void: of No Money,
Puh Run E Puh Run E
the poo’ kids
(the actual poo’)
ain’t so nice
is they

smart as tribes tho’
even without all that education
he want out! he want out! he want out! (of his family, the whine)
stop cheatin’ if you move onto better people, want
It’s february not May.
I swear.
He looks very clinically depressed to me.
Yeah, I can cure clinical depression,
and I can also cure mental illness
but you have to want to exist.
Please describe the forehead issue.
I can teach you how to deal with those issues, easy;
but you have to want to exist;
or else you won’t Stand.
(thru’ existence)
I don’t find it weird: that you are very clinically depressed or are psychotic;
but I find it weird that you don’t want to exist.
I mean,
he sounds very mentally ill, too.
I can hear mental illness.
I also find it out odd: in the bad way for ’em
that you wouldn’t want do enough: work!
to retire into a cove that for example:
falls into the cosmos
and if not enlightened yet,
you get enlightened Then.
(don’t worry there would be coves near: enough By.)


theme: Sister cat
theme music: “smelly cat”
citation: Friends as heard when then and thought of on 5 dot 2 dot 16

eventually you can retire in a cove in the cosmos or some
if that doesn’t sound right to you;
you don’t want to exist,
and you can asK; for yourself to come out of Existence

part III. His Art Statement
No actually he’s told me in great detail:
the level of his depression,
and his strong desire not to exist.
the only way you can come back into existence once you’ve taken yourself out
is if you are enlightened. (and that’s pretty much it.)

Back to Part 1.
He conveyed for him:
What is the part of life.
& I just made something up.
Anything can be the point of life
as long as it’s not being evil;
because if that’s your point
existence will get you back,
and you have said:
that you don
want to exist.

Part 4. Back to Part 2.
Cited: Back to the Future Movies
Part 2 is my favorite: The Dessert
That snake’s name is Lavender
ad: it’s a Cobra
And it Enjoys: A black Boot in Your Face(s)
hiss hiss hissee and not hussie[sp?] and not husky and not huskie[sp?], the brand
laid rant said pant jammed rand
Hoorah Hoe Hoorah Hoe Hoorah Hoe!
it’s like a mirror prism
(of tears: HA! Squelching Leaves not Tomotae Knows)
Sa rry Coat.
About perspective
Mud Works!


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