Above Beautiful: The Divinity Model of Search You: into Existence

Date: Above Beautiful: The Divinity Model of Search You: into Existence
Tance Tance Ta, nce as in Taunts Into Eggs is to Haunts
by: Goura Fotadar
date: 5 dot 5 dot 16 5 dot 6 dot 16 5 dot 7 dot 16 5 dot 8 dot 16

It’s kind of beautiful how it happened,
no I wasn’t surprised,
I knew it would happent ThatWay.
Where Cliche like uhm;
means angled Climb.
which means you can be entirely of Heaven
it’s actually very un-blessing
Ode to the Bode of Violence
where the violence is like the VIolent femme or the violent female
not the killer female: which can be a Man
theme: famine
theme artist: violent femmes [sp?]

that’s really cool
stretched as in
st. retching education

guessing like gas, sing?
theme: the imagined fire wilt it turn

I can tell by the ay way he drives,
it’s dude the car moves smooth

cited: (i think the title of) dude, where’s your car?

other, asides:
fa- sta-h fa-stah fa/stah
almost sounds like faith
or face
or say eth
I’m just building a pee an o
to secure the bathrooms
with my speech
it’s done

I’m just really broken down dead
I need to go downstairs to eat,
but I just don’t have the

Oh how death.
To not exist!
How wonderful for … a break from all this.

I can’t just sit here;
piece of shit.

I’m sorry I don’t have time to talk to you right now;
I’m working right now;
while you are working to destroy my actual life;
the difference between the Two of Us.

cited: the radio general a passing commericial on 5 dot  8 dot 16
the word “champagne”

Part Art Statements: a series: the significance of Bread

art statement: the bullet
I really like magazines
and that’s a double-meaning burst
I really like shots of cloud
and that’s not a double-meaning bust
and that’s it
(for -ever!)

Art statement also : the hair tie
The Sham: of

I remember seeing him
how to read
and communicate
the communication got so much worse because of the darkness of his mind,
and he’s not talking about the race of to the Dark … go go go go go go go
but never would he say, get worse!

He dreamed of being a pastor or a priest in the old place his parents who he hates are from;
instead he landed here and then there and there
and he got new parents th’ third time
and his new parents were missing for a long time
he heard from his job,
and then he picked a new career,
and he couldn’t see how it was a natural selection of what to go to next,
the drum of a pastor had been dolled out to something else but he couldn’t say something more,
he could say same-thing as even
and that was good thing
he hear’d about how the color he wore to work now was cursed
and hebelieved curses to be true
but not : in the way you thought to be true
he thought he’d have a harder week no matter how much heed he paid
if his clothes were cursed but that wasn’t enough motivation to turn in a request for a new color: because that’d probably just be cursed, too only in another way,
and he thought of neverland and all of the places that he’d been and he never worried about sounding crazy,
he figured that if he were crazy, he could figure out how to “fix” curses to not bring things difficult to him-self,
and he didn’t worry about others at all;
because he already did so much for them by his way of work,
and that’s one of the reasons that he’d wanted to be a pastor
to have that part of being squared away all of time,
and who he learned that from was God;
so I guess he wouldn’t guess but would say that he were is a religious freak,
but he has not specific faith.
it’s crazy. yeah.

art statement: about john’s kidnapping
he was htere and the language was brokenn
and he couldn’t see right
and he knew he was young
but he had just been old
and he had just bent over
to grab bread;
and he always thought that’s what had done it:
the bread.


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