FAME : I guess I could call it Code Fiction that’s my new category

FAME : I guess I could call it Code Fiction that’s my new category
it’s like an echo through the planets the cosmos the corner brook
(i think) it does not hinge on vanity
date: 5 dot 17 dot 16, 5 dot 18 dot 16
arright I have to stuff to get to it,
I have to get to the bathroom too.

This is weird my email doesn’t work all of Sudden.

New Turning Model Limits? How to deal with troublesome characters of relatively small growth fact: displays
Causing More Trouble are they. Some Growth Versus those of No Growth and Versus those of Much Growth. Separate them from th
e rest. In their own Group. Assign Much Growth (regulated tho’) to No Growth.
Basic Code Model (explain)
Do you want to Learn; or Do you want to Die: New Turning Model.
& being the category you belong to
sir name identified : is an identifier to factor’s twinkle
Take the option: (rough code)
1. & you want to learn or & you want to die
2. a. & you want to learn (Apply to every “thing” “body” in: & you want to learn) (Go to 2. a.b.)
2. b. & you want to die (Apply to All Death: & you want to die) (Go to 2. b. c.)
2. a.b. new identity: & you want to learn  go to 2.a.b.c.
2.a.b.c. new identity sir name identified = ( final location) new identity
new identity sir name identified = (final location) & you want to learn
new identity sir name identified (final location of new identity) move to solitary confinement (“temporary”) location name : new identity sir name = new identity (final location of new identity) {eliminate constant: time}
notice (behavioral modification victories) : complaints of neglect and behavior of petulance
2.b.c. eliminate all: ( & you want to die) go to 2. b. b.
2.b.b. {eliminate constant: time}
move (& you want to die) to Death Box for: all (& you want to die)

  cited: The Death Boxes,
{draw a picture, any}

Theme: Art, Death & Spirituality; The PRogression
cited: Art, Fluster Therapy

{insert picture}

Theme Song: Sail by Awolnation
Citation: general radio today and whenever in-the past & youtube dot com

I think I have to shit my pants


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