Class Fiction. The Working Class Sacrifice.

Class Fiction. The Working Class Sacrifice.
by Goura Fotadar
I’m so tired but I’m gonna do it
I don’t want to be lazy
She asked for your shoo? to be a car?
and now it drives itself around (the one, what happened to the other.)
and it’s a looker for a car.
She says [hype].
I mean who says [hype].
Actual: [hype] only belongs in fashion to one Being.
it sounds
like Trashy,
without the stylistic
Every time, she sees you;
she kidnaps your life; hijacking who you are.
It’s over now! A quarter and an increment is a Long time to give up to the
Working Class.
Nothing happens to your life; you’re just not here that often.
The Working Class Balloon.
I’m not allowed? to eat ’till noon. It’s not like I’m from Heaven or something.
Do we have to break-up for the working class: cause.
I don’t want to break-up.
I’d rather break-up with him.
& Code: Working class: (rough)
{w.c.} = you outwork the higher class, earn less on the mark to the lower class;
and it doesn’t matter how much you actually have or don’t in the bank, have. Or your wallet.
No protection.
How to get  (marked) protection as {W.C}=
reach spiritual fame:
cited: random art saying book series on amazon (again)
what qualifies spiritual fame =
1. work , work , work, & more work (at anything you=want ) (your want work =  work)
but if you didn’t want that work & “had” to do it (by force or oppression or something?) = it still counts = work
as in: “had” to do that “work” you didn’t want still equals “work”
2. rest, rest, rest, & rest
but if “they” don’t let you rest ; rest(attempts) = counts (rest)
: => rest roughly equal to counts & factor (attempts) roughly equal to factor (rest)
note: not a variable but a factor; what’s the diff.
more explain … :
it’s a different counts from than number 1
in oher words: attempts at rest equal rests (in additions only) (so to break it down: no subtractions from rest at attempts)
spiritual fame {y} = work{ y to infinity} &  rest {y to infinity}
prior to the “to” implies “moves to”  (in the space)
ex: y to 1 mark y to 2 mark y to 3 mark …. so
& you are y. y? y.

in synopsis the “but” is negated in meaning; there is no “but” non-negated “but” in the {w.c} protection code.

Theme: I’m a spas-mode
Theme Music: 10, 000 maniacs (song) Because The Night (I think)
citation: Live 105 acoustic Sundays as listened to today 52216 & as researched on youtube dot com on the same date

(Non-fiction break)
a co. us tic (cited v blog of mine, please refer to)
a company of Us, the habit
(brake stopped.)

is a Door Bell.
To push the bell, imagine you must lift a Bell
of another Type? (curling a ////bell)
I feel like you feel like you’re gonna get hit in the face whenever you lift/curl a is it like four or three I should look it up ///bell is because I am hitting something in the face even if you are the One. ay. curling the /// or //// bells
more. bells.
and does this sentiment of violence continue to the Ring?
You: (arrow with finger to your chest) :  tell me!

cited, also: “Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe”
from as accessed today 5 dot 22 dot 16


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