THe Cutting of Hallucination-Cake

The New Definition of Retards: THe Cutting of Hallucination-Cake
by goura fotadar
date: 5 dot 23 dot 16
no, you weren’t hallucinating
there are really cuts on my skin
of dried blood that I never felt happening,
and came about in instants as you saw,
and they don’t hurt but sting slightly,
and there was no: object to make them.
What happened.
I need an amplified recorder;
like not for my work; I know;
but for other
The blood. Oh the blood.
Oh that’s what it is.
I fell into the rose bushes.
hence, the cuts.
But it’s like it didn’t actually happen.
What we now know:
is that everytime that they hit me in the past,
they asked me for something in the future (of mine).
& why would you want the ant of somebody’s right toenail.
I don’t get it what’s in the toenail.

That happens to me,
I have an injury, and I can’t remember where it got it.
It’s like my short-term memory is gone.



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