I am hungry is a code?

I am hungry is a code?
date: 5 2516
apparently we’ll try

You are x, how blase;
and you have entered the system of
x is in a “state” of being “hungry”
my god this might even apply to those who do not eat for just nourishment as in quote hungry ghosts unquote
cited: Traditional and is it Modern Buddhism.

so now
x: hungry & not a ghost: cannot eat “food”
so what else might x do to learn to turn into a “reformed” ghost; non-hungry and so with powr’ to do more: for example: eat (reformed)

so x: hungry, can:
x: “listen” classical music
x: “walk”  low-energy
x: “work-out” low-impact
x: “dress” clothes, of like-ing
x: “view” pleasantries

and when x has done enough of these things if even not completely “reformed” it is “reformed” enough to eat of “reform” nourishment when hungry.

So, in other words:
the obvious:
do something basic prior-to a meal of consumption “nourishment”

Fiction/Supernatural/ Theme:
           Part Curt.
Congratulations: Shiva! That was so good.
I’m hungry,
and so I will listen to classical music; prior-to eating;
and “Purplement” is on-the: my mind. I want to say my like to mine.
Like Mine mind. Picture ditches in the mind that have to be not further cleaned because they are already clean; so irrigated. and hence then so forth, irrigation does not identify under cleaning. is that sow.

      Part Vlurt.
 We’re only at 52516. Time is moving very slow. Which is perfect.
I know I was emailing form boarding school. But we didn’t have email. Although I was writing code, and I was in the library; so I figured out how to send him emails from that I think.

There’s even spiders in my shoes
I hope there’s not one in my sock, also
as I’m putting them on too;
not just like



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