Jr. High Art Statement

Jr. High Art Statement
art fiction series, continued.
date: 52916

Oh it’s late in the Month.  (Adult I am now.)
I know I’m fine, but don’t Hate for it.
He does his math homework.
The science assignments I can’t read.
I want to ? ,
but not go to “Reed College”.
I like the rain.
I’m not thinking about marriage, right now.
I guess I’ll date her for a few days now; since, I’ll get free access to our phone;
and I want that to call the library; to ask them questions about war, and for information on a project that I want to make like a poster for but not for school, but for my room and maybe even maybe for a video that I’d want to show … in college  … tho’ they’re way older than me
(that’s cool, so you’re like smart.)
(he’s like smart, that’s cool.)

Well, I’m gonna talk about his uncle.
He wants lights out by six, cause it’s expensive.
(Oh my god, I’m like back to my jr. high communication; which is like pretty good; I’m surprised, I didn’t realize that then.)
Because his parent is out to Washington to make purchases; gifts or something for his girlfriend.
His brother is always eating snacks, “corn-nuts.” He doesn’t think about where he gets them from.
But he’s not hungry.
There’s no homework from …
the body is still sore from …
and that subject looks …. a different language one I can’t know.

I’m sorry I think it’s really weird we couldn’t just hand you a cake/ per week.
You could have finished it, whenever you wanted;
and had a slice after-school with milk or juice.

It’s plain and simple and there’s not too much to it at first look
but the statement is kind of deep re-directing hate away from one’s self and also from it: hate in general
in addition; it memorializes jr. high colloquialism and in this case of confidence the colloquialism for those that were not of cultures of as intelligent and even if it were a culture of more but in essence “fake” education; and the colors go well together signifying an aesthetic style that can only get better and is well-developed as is
it also seems to catch errors,
so I’d give it a n  A
cited: “The Grade-ing Scheme” #1 (as available on amazon/kindle)


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