I don’t believe you about anything.

tag: fiction for the day and code fiction

Time to get some rest,
so much work to do.

I don’t believe you about anything.

Code: How to protect virtue-You
So easy.
No Harm = {You: Virtues}

yes! here’kno’ homegroup created, and I’m never going to create it;
or add to it;
thank god! another way method to protect myself.

you’re gonna have to accept who-you-are
and start
paying consequences for that.

I don’t believe it;
I think that Guy is scared of police officers;
because as soon as he heard the cops were coming,
he was and is on the run.
That’s all you have to say: the cops are coming, and he runs!

You’re gonna have to do that work:
or else you’re never going to have happiness.

You think they are afraid of them; it’s a joke.
Even I don’t live in fear of them;
and they’re constantly threatening my Life;
I’m just super-traumatized.

Who worries about dying like that;
if you died like that you’d go to Heaven;
anyhow there’s no need to go to Heaven,
that way; I mean to die like that;
you can just go to Heaven another way.

Ilike the picture.
I have to pee.
I’m like a quarter of the way done,
my day; so I guess I didn’t fall behind.

the machine guns rest,
to more depth of seeds on the sill plaining the falsities of views.

That’s cool, tho’
i like that. I like that?
that’s cool. tho’
the sun hits the front of the Tan truck,
and eh there’s two of them, tho’
tan trucks.

My bones are like dying.

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why do u have that “stinky” food.


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