I like your music; that you made.

I like your music; that you made.
date: 6716
the ladder spills metal shack

that’s them trying;
that’s what the think life is about: a joke: sinister on the trying:
now so-and-so-and so wants to attack him for doing; Work;
no no now so-and-so-andl wnats to attack him for dong; Work;
now it’s your turn;
and our turn;
That’s not Life.
Oh how the hill bends in the Wind.
Even in the hottest of all days/ nights.

And hee-hee hee hee hee
pips at coups when hee hee hee hee
not: Licked.

can I mean I do cut my toenails my feet
feel as they’ve just been washed. Like A Foot’s Bath.
pssh. Maybe. pssha.

{I feel like I’m hearing fish, when the persoint is not disgusting}

Early Morning or is it Before Night of : 6916
fiction: ask him for arrow to the space between ask him ask for him them to not exist, everyday!
Yea, he/them doesn’t exist!
My dream came True!


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