Out of This Place, Forever! The Fashion of Fiction

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on another here: Out of This Place, Forever! The Fashion of Fiction
dedicated to aa the viewer of the four: Head!
by Goura Fotadar date: 61016 , 61116
fiction themes: I know why don’t you have me; you can’t even achieve me, it’s pathetic.
fiction themes: No, you’re not; because you’ve never done anything to help me; and by 2018 I’m gonna be out of this place, forever!
fiction themes: It’s too late, I’m never going to want you, back. What have you fixed ever; what have you given me back, ever.
fiction themes: I only listen to you, if you pay me back. Otherwise, I listen to myself. Why do you have no friends, I have friends that would die for me. Even I’m not your friend. & I’m everybody’s friend. they don’t care who you think is prettier than me, they’re gonna say no.
fiction themes: Why do you yell at me. When all I’m doing is being ethical. It’s so absurd. They don’t want to yell at me; you can’t force them to do, what they don’t want to do to me.
fiction themes: men have dresses in their wardrobes. they may never wear them or get married. it’s like having a ring. It’s like a sentiment. of Me, The Girl/Woman that is God. & if they get married in the real way, they can give that ring/dress or whatever … of that nature to their other sex partner if it’s the other sex. partner.
fiction themes: He’s not a friend to anybody. If you want a friend your best bet is me. And if you can’t make a friend out of me …
fiction themes: It doesn’t matter how perfect or rich or Divine I started. The point is that some stood by my side, and others lynched me on my sides. And I am never going to forgive those that lynched me on my sides. And you were one of those that lynched me on my sides, my my head, and my face. And after you said, “oh you’re not evil.” And I said, “yeah, but you are.” It doesn’t matter if you started out evil, as long as you stood by my side. And you were never by my side. You kept saying, “hit her harder.” And I kept saying, “Stop.” But you’re not me, you could would never give all. Well we don’t care about you, and did you stand by my side. And who lives in your home, and who eats and moves freely in your home. We’re on,to more than heaven. And you don’t have to believe in ———- to be Saved.
fiction themes: You have no idea what good is. We sat there and tried real hard, with and in all of our relationships. Even if the parents kidnapped us, we still tried. Because we’re done with that phase, trying for others that harm us. Now, we’re onto Heaven and beyond. And you hate me, us for trying. And you sent all of those our way that would harm us, because you hated us for trying.
fiction themes: if you’re so interested in “saving” them. Why aren’t they interacting with you all of-the-time, and not me.
fiction themes: there! you are, a fresh meal prepared for your boyfriend. My hands better not be involved! Bet, he can taste it, too.
fiction themes: O.K. your word has no worth. It’s like really funny, you keep assuring me. Your word has no worth.
fiction themes: he’s not evil. that’s not what evil means. there’s only two not three definitions of evil. One are those that are like me, and the others are those that aren’t. It almost sounds like I’m racist.
fiction themes: & have I broken up, with you.
theme: the faucet
theme music: How Does it Feel to Be by Kamaiyah
citation: general radio on 61016 the night approx. 9:28 PM


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