My mini-book: A rock, More by Goura Fotadar From “The Wave”

My mini-book: A rock, More
by Goura Fotadar
From “The Wave”
I Broke,
The Test. A rock, More
date: 5 dot 10 dot 16
Creepers cited: the h-less pilgrimage as captured in “The Four Interviews”
Creeper song by Radiohead? the 90s (cited)
I mean the Readers are the: Readers. Creepers, uh:
As were our fake parents waiting to creep up on us, in any context: because we didn’t actuale have parents and or our ways had to part, since real families are uhm; yeh; alike I’d bet …
but even whilst changing the Clothes in the after: Shower,
and because we weren’t Rich, they just couldn’t: see without permission whatever they wanted whenever
they had to creep up on us
It’s like she stole or they stole our study places even though they were still visible to Us,
I broke the test,
I don’t know how many times; and I wish I had records of the tests that I broke, so that I could demonstrate how I broke the test … s, and how that means: that I’m smarter than the test; and how that means that I should explain to others that actually want to Learn what I know about at least that Test.
fashion: Genre Aptitude. I’d like them to be graded:
fashion clothes, Demonstration.
I mean being intelligent is not a privilege it’s a choice that depending on the context of fairness has nothing to do with grades (at times (x) at least)

there’s a twenty-four hour period in a day , roughly right?
10 to 17 / day (work) the rest is rest, that’s a lotta rest.
no gut and no glory
no peace and no war
that’s what activism means?
I’m not an activist, I’m a reformer and you’ve been reformed:
sure: you can reform the term: activism, I look forward to it; it does have “activ …” in-it; so, it’s worth Saving

Ah, I don’t know what it actuale means? The Man is Powr
feasible (however it’s spelled doesn’t really matter:)
first of all it sounds like fee is able
which means, to to be able (… to do … something?)  you have to have the fee (covered)
the next hinge:
which would mean,

8 th grade and what shood it have been Wood, Hop!
to make A-rock, More:
take a rock and some marker that has dryed out recently or whenever and still has some rub on it
push down hard until it frays enough at the tipslightly or not staining the portion of the rock you were pushing down on,
and then rub over with what’s inside of an empty nail po bottle: in my case flour + water,
and let dry … and keep going
observations: once dry it stains better to turn to a
is that right per/foe/rated.
Sounds like a Green Powr Thing.


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