The {Attention} of {Save} Identity.

Fiction for the day & code fiction, notes : Save Identity.
& fiction art statement , the art statement series fiction
The {Attention} of {Save} Identity.
date: 61216, 61316, 61416

identity is Your Work.

{Save} your identity = {Imprison with Severest=Most Severe Consequence} thieves of your identity.

Rave: Identity!
Rave: Identity!
Rave: Identity!
Rave: Identity!
Rave: Identity!
Rave Identity Rave Identity Rave Identity Rave Identity.
Rave Identities! Rave Identities! Rave Identities! Rave Identities!
Rave Identities.

A Working in: Progress
{bar1} = rasp rasp rasp, rasp–rasp—rasp, rasprasp rasprasp
{| |} = break goto {bar2}

I don’t give a shit, that hurt: I’m not here to be brutalized.
being a guy;
I kill you when you cause me pain.
what is it have to do with gender,
I don’t think anything.
I don’t really care; I blame you for me having to be a girl.
No, thank you; God.
yeah, right.
Maybe it’s because you guys don’t really have friends. I mean I’m not really blaming you cause that’s what it sounds like to the other them, this is a really wicked place. Not a palace.
They can’t really talk about not having friends. They had a neighborhood.
they can’t sit here and talk shit.
No, other kids do not have that type: neighborhood it’s a huge advantage.

theme: I wear sunglasses.

she’s building you up;
and it’s up to you to let yourself down.

theme: classic
theme music: poet and peasant overture
cited: as heard on listened to on 61416 on classical kdfc

Part two. Art statement : Ageless Evil Transcends Intelligence
he likes washing the soaps
interesting to watch
he likes the constant of movement on the lay of the foot
and he didn’t always have a body is-is
he’s not sure who is dad, is and that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know his name or live with him,
the song,
I wonder if I can learn to sing
I wonder if I can learn to cook
oh I know how to cook
I wonder if I can hop and skip
It’s like my life has been in a movie
my lives have been in a movie but I wouldn’t say the lives part a-loud live not lives
(it has)
which one
I’d like to see it
and not tell anybody it was me a part of it
(you think they’d no I mean know)
no I don’t know that many people
hey maybe that’s a virtue (in this world)
to not know too many people (for me)
I could have done worse (for me)
scumbag that I am
I like inventing things and I like design
I like spirituality
I’m smarter than you know
and you’re surprised by how good looking I am
except I’m not good like that (who is that)
I like the water and all sports, but I’m bored when I play them,
I’d rather be doing a chore or designing a game like in some world far away
I know what that means
you don’t though, hah!
I don’t like the smell of any gum, and they’re just copying me.
I don’t like jackets, I don’t like the sky
because it means I’m gonna leave
I didn’t know that everytime I look at the sky I move
(how’d that happen) ha!

a story,
he wanted my body,
and I was visiting my wife in a past life
she was a real shit
and he beat me in the baseball bat
except she somebody else not my past wife died
I wonder if I got put away for that
and what’d he got put away from

(good he killed her, now we can move on)
(movies can be real life, too they’re not all you know, fake)
from the from
cited:  (nickel : ode on)
+ nickelodeon thriller series from the early ’90s to mid ’90s
+ scary stories for child’s reading from the from warm springs elementary school library in fremont ca
in–from: the late ’80s to the early ’90s

my feet smell;
like chlorine.


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