The Tree Terminology. (just)howmuch.

Date: 61516 The Tree Terminology. (just)howmuch.
fiction.               thought-fiction conception-fiction
what is the purpose of virtue,
well forOne!
it saves you if even at the last momento
well forTwo!
it heals if even past illness
well forThree!
it satiates you if even past starvation / dehydration
and is dehydration a form of starver.
I was “saved by the bell”
of virtue;
cited: saved by the bell television show

techno: logie with an accent over the e
dance techno: logie
dance techno: logie
accent accent accent
act ,  scent! (uhm pum as a ped est. quest tree: in)

the screen door or the screen with the windows cracked open
the screen inthe doorway
spends the circulation
oh; comeonto me.
I don’t really care;
that’s your


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