oh frill, till

Mary, Continent   From The New  Definition of Retards
date: 61816, 61916, 62016
Jesus Rise Jesus Rise Jesus Rise
deep vowel on the absent H
How do you know, do you know Virtue
She is.
Ha Ha Ha
Ha ha
deep pitch elongated on the absent H
If you don’t want them to steal your expressions,
keep movin’ it
Ledge Up. cited: Heinz Ketchup K etch Up
Don’t worry I got your back, homey: I got a dog in the situation
situational context, fiction: cited: canines
‘K nines
I’m just inventing those circular dappers ovalish now
They don’t have those, they have like flatter tanks, you’re seaing something else.
those things have ’em cited: super soakers
Super Soak, her hahhaha I love those things. (except I didn’t want to play with those things)
I don’t know five years.
If it’s speeder or a jetter than I am; otherwise I don’t worry about it.
jetters are like dead safe; it’s like the safety of Death.
o-oh it’s so good.
They taught me how-to be a man. They taught me how-to be a male leader in my community.
cited: live 105 playlist at approx. 2:34 PM ish on 61816

versions of blue

I’m large the size of
I am almost submerged into the mass: water
and it’s jarring my size
I want to screech scream but it’s over before I can
The continent experience
if others; existed
we wouldn’t know,
because “adolf” has held onto that much work
cited: the holocaust as a heard idea of learning about …
Omg, like a gun-shot.
Omg, that’s scary that sounded like a gun-shot.
it’s better that you go into the pit of each of your crevices,
instead of trying the normal way; or your normal way.
what a rolling speech,
what I can hear it perfectly;
oh how’d you get my old outfit.
the virtue vehicle.
that’s good I want to wear that;
uh, not the vehicle.
ooh you have a weak back, she sang.
no, that’s a gift; you’re gifted; from yourself from yourself from yourself;
you are gifted from yourself
hate you, rust!
I did your voice better than you, you must be thrilled!
oh frills, till. of frills, till. O-h
can I shoot through,
holster revenues


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