mi roar, I’s

mi roar, I’s
fiction more, notes, dates: 62116, 62216; art statement , fictional series , supernatural fiction, and class fiction, reality-based fiction
fiction, themes: gimmick
influenced by is not plagiarism blah
well, there are pink trees in my world
please, that’s like her call sign.
I aim to be the most powerful in the situation
{with exceptions}
uh there’s a problem with intentions
make her experience futility.
(but you don’t know what that means)
uhm; that smoke smells good.
space organization; I this here to rest my feet on.
I’m not lying to you; trust me, you’re not beautiful.
(I wouldn’t lie.)
and why do we have beauty pageants at all and still;
the animals don’t like them.
why is the water blue.
cited: radio general on 62216 as heard about broken? blue-tooth wireless? not sure the name I “heard”
a working theories: talking to yourself helps build safety. (I’ve heard anyway)
you would need a grant from somebody who works in social welfare
to hire to additional people, and make a placard to accompany the …
with a short explanation additional to yours about it, and the working theories: that “theys” readily apply which is that talking to your self builds safety,
and then those two people would go to places where suches reside and hand out with placard and also if it’s a social environment give a brief presentation on -the: details
that’s cool that’s a good idea.
I’m suicidal;
back to circa Lei


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