check out, “Dryad My Pans (Go Away, 25 through 27! Book 4)”freestartingtomorrow


                                                          J-u-l-y T-h-e-m-e
                                                       H-app-y Birth-D-ay
part one,
fiction for the day, I’m crazy
date: 62616

I don’t like trees,
that tree is like the dad that beat me.
(so I don’t care what it’s feeling!)

part two,
art notes, (fiction)
it doesn’t look like a universe yet

part three,
conceptual art building reality,
is conceptual learning

and at my bold, seat
they used empty fish tanks
to compete with the therapeutic value of canines.
it’s empty and shiny now.

cited: “Go Away … ” Series on Amazon Kindle, the 4th of which is out now, published yesterday/today and free starting tomorrow for five days … enjoy; this one falls into the categories of fiction: asian-american, science fiction, and conceptual learning … you should also still be able to understand it, even if you haven’t read the first three. (free always through kindleunlimited)
also, art created for this posting/publishing blog post is citing the 4th in this series/and the series/and Amazon.

the link to the book on Amazon:


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