fiction for the day, bizarre geography tennis
date: 62516, 62616
tags: code art
the middle eastern strait passes through by jordan
and you can hear the gulf of the caspian yell out you among rifles of tennis,
I’m planning a four thousand mile exodus on mostly foot, but buses and other aids of vehicle are allowed, from here to central america ex! owed us
god that’s gross what just fell out of my body of what was to come
I don’t know it just appeared from my body
there’s somebody better, more virtuous, you’re never going to win.
God, it stinks in here; it smells like vore,
I don’t understand why he can’t take a bath, and like flush the toilet.
I guess he’s been using my toilet without my consent;
and it’s not like someone ; he stinks, god; is stopping him from taking a bath; like me;
multiple someones.
they don’t want … they already have other occupation, similar.
aa–almost at d like additive licks the grate as in grateful
I think it means someone who doesn’t get beaten and is grateful perhaps the aaa-almost at the d follower such as in additive implies and
and perhaps the saying , it was mis-translated to beat (as in down or with violence )the grateful
or perhaps the licks and grate
and licks the grate
and beats the grate so who beats the … (finish later)
cited: funny or die as watched on 62516

The comb swims a fish in the sewage water ocean but sew,age good for you, and made ocean with flowers.

un-american straits
there’s rack, meet; not like a competition like ins ports, but like rack meat. (except rack isn’t an animal; vegetale meat meet? but it’s so named after up/on re, quest)

no, fish picture.
I could draw a purple fish. greens ease. “winnie the pooh” is actually quite pretty outside of a costume ; just don’t want you to be too schocked when you see her true face, and “wtp”, is a girl
cited: winnie the pooh
like glock schock
the pavement riffing and raffing. hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah (rapid)

if the car is big it’s so hard to move the gear
but if’s is small it moves so easy like you’ve always driven that
i don’t know even what the clutch is hah-hah-hah-hah-hah (rapid)
the gear is the gears

it’s kind of a back-to (two) loop
Lo’ OP (get it) hah-hah-hah-hah-hah (rapid)

you don’t know the pow! ethics has


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