he doesn’t think hills exist

knowledge helps kill karma, all.
theme: she’s an enemy to the killing of karma via enemyhood to knowledge
date 7116, 7216
lame also means maim-e how terrible
cited: live 105 call in at approx 413PM PST on 7116
no, it is the culture it is imbued with prosperity
I don’t know sometimes I think asia brings out the best of me,
the rhyme of a man is part of his beauty.
I feel so much more free in asia.
Actually, Ihave to call you, I just forgot, sometimes I forget you exist.
he’s a very bulbous man

The Bear Un-Revamp
those childhood memories of that:
are that that was a little girl
among seal skin of penguins and gush of bear’s hair
and those penguins and bear weren’t actually that’s friends, though that was always too:closely around them,
until then;
that became a bear in bendation, too
But, A Better Bear!

he doesn’t think hills exist

the hills in the Us don’t exist,

he thinks that about all hills

they’re an optical illusion

he’ll prove it to you


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