The Computer Science Review for the Average Person who is obviously really mentally retarded:

The Computer Science Review for the Average Person who is obviously really mentally retarded:
tags: code! fiction
date: 7716, 7816
it’s not heal-ty to interact with “dumb” people it should be illegal
but as you know “dumb” there are many definitions of “dumb” and that’s a compliment to sum “dumb” – s

cited: moodle dot org as accessed 7716
but stars and pounds are! alphas
and when you put them in password chains someone converts them to numbers
but if you put them in username lines,
they are automatically converted to numbers without the extra work by somebody: coder
and then,
in the country list,
it’s supposed to be alphabetical only after convenience you know like a store and the lines in the store as in counter’s and counters and counters’ space s (who accesses it for “knowledge” most often is listed first, then it’s a “free” draw based on area’s spelling, you were placed in that area of spelling that-way, by … and for …)
which is ,
the rest of asia,
south america,
and a part of mexico,
prior to

and believe it! it’s exhausting un-necessarily to go down that list when in convenience as defined is such place in list

other notes, to consider:
are animals and care of in your-financial system written off in your taxes, just a question
that’s almost a school house note the house in school * house
and it’s  tie to with the doggie
was it called? cited: cliff’s (the red dog with spots) and was there a bus implying to me a doghouse, for the dog, and school with yellow bus or bus
so school*house

the face is sup
posed to be a flower bud!
no a flower bugg!
the doggie’s voice attempts to assert itself over a flower’s bud?
as that though could be achieved laughable

art lesson:
another way to draw a cloud, clouds cited: the soul pieces series on amazon
is to paint brush some rough-ish some spots lick dog spots, cited: cliff the red dog with spots
and then take a thin liner and line some lines around the rough-ish clouds
and you’re done!
the addition of the pale almost blond e yellow is sup
posed to create the effect of photograph from affect
now because of his fighting
the dog bugg, cited: vehicle the buggie vw, the bug
playing the veterinarian
he has intestinal disease but it shouldn’t kill him, give him about three times a week for the rest of his life
(it used to be a flower inside him and not intestinal disease!)


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