Lemons meant Limes.

Lemons  meant Limes.

fiction for the day

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I just found out one of my favorites:
cited: pomegranate juice from whole foods freshly squeezed lets see if I can find a picture, that’s some good stuff; can’t find … poof! (purchased cited: as purchased in 2011 circa)

I just found out lemons make pomegranate one of my favorites in fruit
you take the lime I meant,
and two coffee beans a bit of hot water,
and tea and after days of soaking the lime in the hot water and coffee beans, even sipping, it start’s to nature-denature and you have the beginnings of pome and add to water with the lime in tact and … you have the beginnings of pome juice
I have two secret ingredients but this should be enough to add that scent of flavor to your drink
it’s phree it’s phree it’s phree!
(reep each)
but you have to see the next, not current rum’s theory for those secrets cited: amazon kindle rum’s theory series

It’s very limiting to shop under the limitations of others’ taste buds
this is where class intersects intelligence
especially when they try to limit your tastes based on their own buds,
and is the discussion not of flowers.
All, flowers.

to hear, the performance: https://voicethread.com/myvoice/#thread/8018255/44318101/45044787

(or I believe slide 47)


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