art statement, fiction copy
date: 72116

art makes things grow
art brings the right energy through the door
art aids abstract thought
there is a staircase the greenery tells me
art makes energy grow  (art makes site clear, art is an aptitude trigger,
from tat: witch you won’t to want to grow,
turns to not energy

       The Gems’ Time
art statement, the  fictional series
from a recent cited dictionary dot com’s word of the day,
is that how you’spell it.
it sounds to me like word that means the enlightenment of those are of,
they view
the doorway as being important
apparently from that importance:
why was the signs so close to that doorway,
they found out that that wasn’t so and so place,
somebody else’s
and then I said that was a nice place but no in the material sense
in the gem’s barking dogs of savage teeth
but in suburbia
a dog with her head down,
assumed to be passive
and all of ths must have to do with that doorway
and that’s like the gem of know
it’s like an investigation of energy,
which is the center of all investigation,
in case you wanted to know the “trick” to success in investigation
and wit’tat: is the view of the i, and you want it to be eye?
and that’s because they/you go first to protection for themselves/theirs selves
and that’s awise thing: a powerthing: a good thing, even: a disciplined thing
all the profanities of planars gone to height of six packs advanced to fifteen or fourteen wear you fake ebing drunk; but never actually are, you just wou’ldnt eve;
r drink that much; eve, r
thats how “everyone” knows where you are from;
so before it goes or becomes I
it is eye that sees and the gem as it’s become-ing tat: gems
and the gems want restrictions on the eye that seas,
they just don’t want all eyes, all i’s (is i  i i i i i i i s) (hae yo formed to i? it’s workain’t it)
to see them / becoming
gem   …

On the accompanying art piece (phtographed)
From this advanced art piece;
see rum’s theory 2 when it’s out/ published:
Did you_ all
but not
all have
Did you_
I give
all my
art the
the choice
of how/if
it wants
to be.

I hope  you’ll
Learn about
the meditation of Death.

Learning when if yoss “toss”
it; it’s time to grow from
the Lend of its Spirit.

& if you don’t,
hae to toss it;
it’ll have chose to keep-at
grown-ing (specifically idio

But either way you’ll have said goodbye
to the former you; the one that hadn’t had it. (You’re


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