Game: The Red Carpet Runs

Game: The Red Carpet Runs
by Goura Fotadar
tags: game fiction
cited: the game clue (again)
a combined fictional art

(dedicated to my reel parens)
the cheekbone is supposed to be the smile
she wanted to kill there was nothing that could be done,
in the end,
at the time of his death.
he’s going to invite himself,
what does that mean?
he’s going to be very discriminating,
I hit him for his eyes, can you imagine.
if you believ e in the un-ethical hit, d.v. so much; the virtue of it? why don’t you hit yourself. ( I always wonder)
you think you’re so … for beating … up un-ethically , why don’t you hit yourself
it’s like any decent person that had the impulse  to hit unethically would just hit themselves instead to create an ethics of it.
think of how far they’ve gone
think of who they are
think of how far beneath the word society they are
you really know what you’ve had to undergo: at the hands of “society”
can imagine: I wanted to beat him up, because I saw his eyes
can you imagine what that means about society that anything could have the power to even THINK that;
they’re just so clueless about what life has been like for other people that they caused
oh she’s going to get him back it’s like
who cares, about that part,
when there’s an attempt at violence at you,
the processing of this is so bad, that you could still keep going
how un-ethical ‘r’ your

I was just here to have a (basic psychic experience)
I was just here to touch some grass ; maybe I’ll just go here and touch some grass
it makes me curdle to call them beings
you’re so pretty
yeah o.k.
but I’m just here to touch some grass
and I’m not talking about smoking pot
and that’s enough
why don’t you quickly grab me and take me to an institution for being sane.
It’s absurd
I think the red room is like done
it’s like words not in recording but like floating around
it’s like very kali
right if you ‘re sister gets raped
hope she’s not weak,
because otherwise you’ll hear the curdlling wail
without the curdle
and weak can’t be pretty
and women own beauty
that’s how bad weakness is for beauty
you want to grow up to be a rockstar
and I’m thinking
how am I going to stop a weak wail from ever occurring that’s what I ‘m thinking
o.k. I get it by fourteen , this means they’re stupid, right. that’s the word, right.
it’s a cited: clue for the red room
I figured in hell we can move,
and it’s so basic
and that’s what’s hell’s slike
so if we’re moving we must be going somewhere (and it’s gotta be worthwhile)
they can see the molestation in the energy
yeah, he was moleste with an accent on the e
but that was when he was five
all he’s good for his getting his brother shot in the face,
he doesn’t have the ability to save any thing’s life.
not even that which deserves to be saved.

I imagine the tos are engines that don’t have the space to pace together or separately.

that’s cool that’s like w.s to c ville green
(cited: fresh paint program ready implement)

see word performance of this skit: fiction:
cited: voicethread


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