Poem continued. The Dishes Rang

Poem continued. The Dishes Rang
by Goura Fotadar
date: 72716, 72916, 73016, 8116

cited: voicethread, lesson used:

Part zero. Not allowed to do the dishes, or touch the dishes most oftenly.
once in a while bright, need to grab a dish of non-papeur variete
it’s supposed be a joke but not likely what you may think.
not the abuse,
two forks and four glasses filled with cited: johnson’s baby shampoo and dirty dish water leftover and collected from washing in a bathroom sink, not allowed to wash in the kitchen sink and then a plate and spoon from another meal, scrubbed relatively clean where they will all be placed again in the dirty dish pile, as they pretend at years of yearning for cleanliness
then of course you play around the rims, and in the water, too; and the sound it turns that day to a fish and the fish is recorded swimming

Part One. Cited: Voicethread, as posted to it, in art/conceptual/trauma recovery –> to write lesson
(the parts that belong in this poem from cards as posted to lesson)
e, Po?  then try
I sea the fish
bright in muck, y
wader wit: soap.
Duh! Duh! Duh!
Duh! Duh!
fish, it’s hot here,
are you hot. (I hope not)


Part Two. The Intermediary after the beginning Sun: BrainStorm
The marker felt fishy
I know the texture of wish, I mean fish.
I haven’t heard the thing yet past my playin’ it.
Are you fish, playin’ it.
Or is your
experience of, workin’ it.

Part Three. (on first listen? after the play/record)
date: 72916

Noise & “Noise” The contextual experience of the fish.
at first it sounds like a lot of swishing water
and then a heavy ier swim
in barely swishing heavy water
and does that mean the fish has reached its destination
now we’ve reached the underground of the sea or water the fish is in,
and we hear the fish’s experience of life
perhaps near damp deep weeds akin to the fish
and the peace of the “noise” of the fish’s life chime
and does the fish think deeply about death, if its life is so deep in peace noise.

theme: who is sky
theme music citation: andrew bird / armchairs as accessed through npr dot org / music and also
youtube dot com on 73016

Part Four: On Second listen: See: Ocean, and Re-Listeners
the wish is gulping a fish,
the fish doesn’t like that con: scept
the fish is out of its realm
in the see; ocean are others and machinery
the gunk turned to a whistle of liveli — hood
there’s a school fourth grade
and the move almost way s toget
are you hearing somebody eat or brush their teeth
are you hearing food in south india being prepared in the system of boarding school
and restaurants, eaten and after? placed in the strong metal dishes
and then I hear it: the tail wacking and the fish is at peace with this, it is a term of focus
in and out of water in and out of water and then speedier in and out of water
and finale: it settles in. a new home, it used to be human; can you transform to a different species.

Part Five: after the toilette
I’m no longer allowed to laugh.


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