Fiction: Education-Fiction
and-or mumbo-jumbo
and child-fiction
A Cheater-Teacher’s Test 7.31.16, 8416

a .

(Tips: to not cheat yourself
(1) try , => a forfeit
=> completion
of the (underscore)o rom
that this teacher and
all accompaniers
won’t ever bene fit
from ==> is justice
your future the(underscore)o rom
is now
en – compass – ed in
justice; back to
you don’t use frameworks,
don’t use stimuli
(work in the game:
of: fair/education)
not hear.)
and I didn’t
mean here
(arrow to)
I’m gonna pretend to be smart
you (but I’m smarter
& faster , yeah!
& I’m a
gur ! L)
(arrow down to)
a is a letter (good –> you!)

explain: (by me)
a letter is
no stimuli /
nor is it
a framework (why?)
(goo arrow down to d brain work)
arrow down o

cheater-teacher and accompaniers , yell: a is not
a letter.
you yell : yes it is
they yell (even) : what’s a letter.
(this is called a dumb-blinds double blind)
-> the first bind is your effort , the second bind
is my intelligence)
my once answer based on your now intelligent-effort:  (link up to) a is a letter
(no ! ? !)
a is a let ter
arrow to
the t is silent here (2nd) signifying the double bind
(imagine a month binded i.e. bound) the two lips translate to one binding

the sequence of t’t  together implies remove one.
so a is a let er
how to use : the
same system
of effort
to create


remember meaning
is stimuli
a is a let err

a is a let er
(If you want no significance,
significance is dangerous)

a (is a) allow error or
a (is a) allowe direction (which is
what on
r in
or means)
=> (by the way, you
just proved)
a is a letter in a framework
system, at least one: the alpha: bet
=> a
(arrow to)
says bet on the
alpha & you’ll

why because it belongs to
the framework for raison d’etre
(your goal: is to identify the alpha)
(his loss : is to deny raison d’etre exists
so he deny-s systems/frame s/
– -> stimuli
but deny-s don’t de-prove

(cited: brother carlos on youtube as accessed again on 73116)


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