A Perverted Rendition of Childhood: On Gender

A Perverted Rendition of Childhood: On Gender
it tastes even better but for the chocolate cake
tags: food fiction, voyage image fiction, gender fiction, crime short fiction, reading function fiction, childhood fiction, art statement fictional series
theme, fiction: I dream of growing up to be an investigator like cited: sherlock holmes, but I’m a girl; well, there’s cited: nancy drew; who doesn’t suck all either;
date: 82016
you are x = boy
{  here y = girl can only enter
imagine big glasses that are tinted mildly brown int the eye
and cropped brownish more brown than red hair
and a skirt blue,
with your hairy legs showing
and a padding in the brassiere under a shirt
and over that a checkered shirt with read in it that could almost pass for a boys
and whatever underwear even boxers are find,
and these are the modern times, so need no for make up
and you wear lotion on the hands,
and you walk there not alone
and you’re only 9, and he’s only .
But what
s the purpose for the hat backwards yellow visit to the ice cream store;
well, the ice cream’s real good
you’re learning about gender,
you inspecting “freedom”
and it’s free the i-cream.
will you be willing to become y, too?


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