Protest Hatred

Protest Hatred

for: soul pieces
cited: soul pieces series
date: 82216
tags: connected to volunteer agenda (mine) non-fiction posts, volunteer copy, fiction copy, shelter fiction , death fiction

pro, test
ha, tred!

to cut off; their steeling no, stealing your (…)
or their (other) … (…)
ask to become conceptually frozen
imaine the daze of the ’20s when; you were in boarding houses;
and nobody talked to each other, and it was a method; like the cited: cleaner to keep “safety”
those that would have talked to each other were spread, “assigned” to different areas of the globe.
and you stayed indoor and studied for tests while given vouchers for food, and clothing handed to you, and there was also the boiling water laundre.
and then you took those tests, until you passed, and they wore vouched for; and this is what helped create the future: educational systeme.
and sometimes those tests, past turned into voucher jobs, part-time for some-time,
and at the end of that boarding care of somethng like 20 years in the ’20s: ha!
you ‘d transition to another life of yours without a death,
and that’s what the work saved you from.
use yellow to catch the disappointment so it doesn’t turn into disappointment;you’re here to create …
you don’t burn bricks for heat, with coal of course, and a matchstick
then when they cool off, you have air-conditioning from their cooling off, if even they haven’t been burned in months, days, or even years; decades;
to get cooling again, burn again and let cool off (ha, so ease)

My new perfume signature: Forever Eternities
for the Witch Goura 3, for the Witch Goura series
part ii. the spirit work out, fictional: the energy charger
take something , a being?
and ask the being to enter the front / entryway/portal “fictional”/ backway
to every location opening even like a phone that brings you unjust harm; uhm just
that is the being, something: an energy charger
it charges toward, away from, on …
, and brings cleaning energy to the entryway, forever eternities.
how do you request the find of this being: it does not bring the perfect one; the divine one any harm,
cited: theravada buddhism
hears, raziel


also see this non-fiction/fiction slant video about character: person bucket


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