“The Trucks”

“The Trucks”
art fictional series,
date: 82316
tags: comede noir

Why are there seven versions of his truck, from.
he saw somebody in the passenger seat in his truck, that day.
(it felt like the ’30s)
was he born in the ’30s, he doesn’t know.
Sometimes “time” shifts.
Time shifts on the gauge of drives. (ha!)
the “person” was wearing all black and a beige hat.
Then he saw the person breaking the drive shifter of his truck.
Did he approach his truck, or did he run away from “his” truck.
What did you do. so far.
Then the “person” hid behind the smaller windows tinted hoping he could not be seen in black.
but he could still be seen in black.
Crouched over so that he was shorter than the truck.
Estimate height at about 6’0.
The windows were not rolled down. cited: The windows are rolled down. (song) amos lee
He saw a bright blue uncharacteristic blue vehicle drive by with no viewable driver;
that’s a called another plan it, insertion .

my another’s art statement,
on closer look it looks like the aunt with a sagged newly as if in disguise face and a pinafore shirt, implying sometime you were with her that you can’t remember as a child, and she put you in a dress, and took you ; but you were too young to notice, do you though remember her yelling in your face. that kidnapping tho’ so cliche by then the 80s never happened. had you just seen “her” that past weekend, and also another, comp-ing up (art statement, next one more) … he’d just seen “her” bro.  al, om most, out of blue viewing, and then the reverse changer of life, as it’s supposed to be? that’s good theme building, good job!

My arte! statment e
From the sniff of the air, it looks as though the real date of this crime, de la crime, was 2012 but the actualized date would be at approx. 2014 late in the year nearish to September. and I saw bed! loaded into the bed of the truck.
a bed frame.


2 thoughts on ““The Trucks”

  1. hey Goura,

    It’s David from Cal and I think the creative writing class, did you try to contact me through LinkedIn years back? Hope all is well…the writing is interesting to say the least…ttyl : )

    Liked by 1 person

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