T’s in the Ski

T’s in the Ski
t ‘sin the ski?
the art, fiction: thematic’s builder
So i was watching the garbage being collected as one might watch
t’s in a ski,
and I thought about that un-supported land tier drive seat,
where I winced in an unfelt pain,
and I thought that was good the new garbage collection,
and as small portion of the internet e continued to temporarily we can sure; for we are not sewers, but in their cleaner parts, they must be nice safe places to live.

cited: teenage mutant ninja turtles in the ’80s & ’90s

the new garbage er saw to photograf the evidenci , citation: wordpress, brainstormers as accessed again on 82416

Screenshot (351)Screenshot (354)
(the end.)
theme: the ends & exhaustion
citation: classical kdfc as listened to on 82416


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