Black Tulips: The Bed as New Art; The Tune Ups; The Inters-Dialogue

Black Tulips: The Bed as New Art; The Tune Ups; The Inters-Dialogue
date: 82616
tags, fictional art series more n’ one like a milk’s jug cited: milk jug , secondary thematic tag: underpaint
(part toon.)
on the bed I see an unworn rib tye dress, with more than one dress’s material
you think it’d also make pants of that pinned bump sheer
cited: sound of music (the movie) curtains scenes
but when you say sheer
you also think of shears
and do you think;
this is how the pinned bump was made,
it almost seams at hand efforted but over a course of time; how long would you guess is the time.
seeing as the texture of the pinned bump changes at least once; and then twice,
it could have taken like five years, is five years like five hours.
and then moving on, there are at least two variety tulips,
on the bottom mattress;
a dress, a pair of paints, and would you dye it, them : black


(part paint.)
but the tulips, of two varietes have leaves
would you expect the tulips to be black

(part me.)
me personally, I think black tulips, really almost ane black flower
would be extraordinary like a drawing room with seatable satin black furniture.

(part zed.)
it doesn’t have to be with the paints, dress, two pin dip ribbon
and even flowers; with leaves, a wedding,
it could just be what did you say> an extraordinary day or days with colorful and I don’t mean colored in more than one shade clothing pieces with the see-ing of flowers of any tin bump
cited: the wizard of oz (the movie)
(part pout’s spout.)
I have to add also, just so you know,
there are hears sprouting from my chin,
and your chin, too?
themes: chin, fuchsia color
cited: good will hunting (movie), beastie boys — Intergalactic (music)
all to portions of viewed, heard in the past, and again (youtube, general radio)

and on,
that being does not want any art in his infidelity; i.e., the infidelity experience as he as he experienced it; he wouldn’t want it to change, to insert art, especially; well, anybody’s, as if it were poetic or something.
in the back of the mattress’s stretch no scusi the drape’s stretch you could also make some blouses
theme: justice
theme movie, music (citation): poetic justice, poetic justice Kendrick Lamar – Poetic Justice (Explicit) ft. DrakeĀ  as accessed on youtube dot com on 82816
and one,
or some stockings, the shear type



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