The Tube Perspective

The Tube Perspective
date: 82816
tags: death fiction, grief fiction, emotion fiction, flower fiction, legal fiction, cartoon fiction
There’s so much grief in the air,
Ahg! Ahg! Ahg!
you could sh*T a tube.

faces; you smile at;
you’ll sea again.

How to experience, it: (a guide, line)
(yawn, “hah” hollow)

theme: goodbye
theme citations: dick tracy (movie), time to say goodbye (song)

red; read (re-arrange-ing itself)
grief; the colors.

polka, yellow.
an abstract representation of angels.
he doesn’t like flowers.
but, red; woof, read.
cited: cliff the red dog
read, dog.

bus me blue florals. flowers

each petal a skateboard, base is it/ with the center of the piece, flower, sev era l, as many as honestly needed, an infinite/ chunkers of regenerating wheels wheelers cited: a canine the cure to suicide
thank you? chiaro screw oh
and now the row l
with the mind said lease!

turtle tiara
cited: tmt

nice voice!

Like m-a-g-i-c.
tags: art fictional statement

art, channel: far-er
the trick of it is;
that you don’t bathe;
and then the garlic ingested like a baby,
doesn’t affect your smell, and in fact: kills the bad smell like m-a-g-i-c.

my dream is to laugh like an old lady.


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