The Cross-Puck

The Cross-Puck
date: 83116
the radio sits on the sill,
and the bath-tub looks
like somebody’s life was stopped to cause it, to be so unmoved.
this is called a meditative practice, yes.
we have caught them in a game of cross-puck.
I can’t see the Type: floor/ground
but certaine the stick,
and the slide glide on whatever: Type
sea the sill.

you think I’ll catch it at angle.
The stereo is it a stereo too, ?
is refurbished
with the cited: on youtube and beastie boys image accessed again today on 83116

Screenshot (427)

I especially like the undertone (make it with your hands) cited: the spirit work out, fictional
of the box.
I think that thing is called the undertone.
find the picture!
of course there’s the bright color, and the mini tagline, too;
and the of course depends if you understand which;
is tagline.

then after the squishing;
take a bucket like structure and pour the liquid on top of the sponge-iness
I mean from its; the same solution
to create the effect of a laundry machine.

theme: the squishing
theme’s citation: vex / sanctuary on kscu as heard on 83116

Part. Sangria
tags: (combined) art fictional series

we’ve been working on it for a long time,
it never comes out quite right; for us; until now:
(but) I think it’s solved
red wine that is purple in color
and white jasmine flowers
and honey, and then mix, start mixing
then make oil water/ from boiled tangerine peels but we think you leave the tangerines inside
I think he has a use for them after the boil past the collected liquid
then soak the liquid into the mixture and mix more,
if you heat to further liquefy
then place ice cubes inside prior to fridge
you can start to drink with ice cubes already, but it’s not done yet, until it sits in fridge for what must be about seven even hours
to keep flavor best, store in fridge in a viewable “jug”

we’ve been working on sangria for so long!
I do know how to make beer sangria,
and even vodka sangria; but the taste would change because we weren’t done with the wine sangria.



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