The Beer Series

The Beer Series
tags: americanism fiction and/or cultural fiction
date: 9116
the bathroom, mat is going to “lick” beer n gonna way.

there’s oil on the back of phone, and beer n say it makes those machines work better.
those machines.
cited: dysfunctional some back then, h.s., reading (senior)
the hair hangs tarzan, (cited: tarzan)
and the tree’s not the same color.
I like collars on my shirts, but not if only they open up.
It’s not true, THAT didn’t wetch you.
and I’m done.

see rendition slide 149 or
(citing: voicethread)

Part two. burt’s paws. cited: that show’s trailers. sesame street?
his name means a seal,
but I thick of octo, pus.
did you dream of being real.
can you make reels.
do you like flowers that smell nice,
and hate who wants your sense of smell.
Hats to you, no surprise.
cited: a yearbook signa that nevere happened.
Oh revere,
I miss you?
cited: the conception of paul revere and its culturalo influenco but not influenza
the o, & a are so close together, but not loose together; don’t pretend to worry, they can still open doors.
(I like to eat shit.)

part three. ref. cue and: see, sea, cyan … but not,  
also: featuring fictionally, the god, ess , iss kali
kaali hired a civil servante to clean your bottoms
soon you’ll forget who your mom is.
no one will look at you, while
and everything will be harm-free, clean.
wagging perpendicular finger, “you’re very lucke children!”

theme: mums (the flowers)
theme music citation (lyrics): ” … kiss me in the shadow of a doubt kiss me kiss me … (I think, anyway?)” as heard on/through kscu on 9116


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