Radio Stands

Radio Stands
date: 9316, 9416

tags: art fictional series, continued; murder fiction, etc. fiction, laundry notes fiction.

part a. bullet space.
I remember when I first saw the term bullet in space
Bull e.t.
I guess it could also mean that,
but I was think inc. bull estimated time, and I’m not exactly talking about the animal versione
I mean like when it’s the right time to kill;
time to kill;                  you know, like when the “bull” has approached its final limit.
ha ha ha ha ha ha

part b. smiles.
it’s a tinsel ball.

part c. cited: lysol, fiction ; leadership fiction
while being heavily abused, I was completing a drying processing that I videographed somewhere,
and this involved the lack of use, to the washers and dryers due to ant-semitism directe at me, and and I’m not jewish, so that was an intereste experience
a lot of this is loosely based on some of the experiences of my “real life”
and after soaking in my toes and cleaned feet among stones and flouring agents for what must have been hours,
how will I find: out if it went through, and if it’s been approved.
I spread the clothing out on the  tiles and over the sinks, and let thig aerate moreso before I hung
them onto the next stage earned through dry in on the wood that could moss in he, al,th,
and this was called the third stage drying
and when things got too stinky of those that would not clean themselves despite having almost every unearned by them, avenue to due so,
I sprayed cited: lysol into the air nearby the dry, ing pieces, when they slowly achieved dry in, they would I hoped as they did in the speed to win the race of reality: the existence that would always triumph over all wrong, and never stumble at inferior leaders;
to what was cleans’ smell for surely, they had earnt it.

part d. bodhisattva fiction
they stomp on the stares to threaten me,
and I beat my face for fun;
you must not know Wat I am.


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