Fiction General’s Fiction Identite Thefte

Fiction General’s Fiction Identite Thefte
theme: uhm; wear am i
theme music (citation) again: high-and-low empire ofthe sun general radio on 9516

date: 9516, 9616
pART ONE: puzzle fiction, and reading fiction, and what’s the difference between reading and math fiction.
hints: I’m seam, that;
general isn’t the general,
and can you control what’s pretending at being you, within the limits of your behavior without giving away either you;
one limit you: you who controls that pretending to be you to save you and others who know you
two limit you : you who is under “attack” by pretender being at you

reading citation: page 104 of “THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS” by Lewis Carroll [sp?] as available via kindle/amazon (free) here screenshot, ted

part two: art fictional statement also death fiction
how-to build themes:
the laundry continues, and whens hor t on space on the tiles sink, and buck, et:
sounds like a play in I mean sports,
hang the pieces wrung out just enough on the open mirrors of the cabinets, uh I mean medicine
citing: the death project as for of the fictional voluntier project, too


part three: to protect the animals, the swarms
imagine a make-up mirror
and wrap your harms in their front reach like branches,
the cliche of many images you’ve seen so as to deflect the harm directed toward them,
with your body


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