The Snotted Sill, “Illegally”

The Snotted Sill, “Illegally”
date: 91016, 91116, 91316
tags: art fiction, criminology fiction, police fiction, cited: amazon kindle publishing free period for publication
Ew I have like snot popping out of my nose;
it’s really gross;
with blood on it,
and then the translations here of non-fiction;
there is perfume and an art box drying on the sill
not “illegally”
a trick means it works

cited: word of the day, pulverulent from dictionary dot com’s email list, see belonging
u lent it still means that
pulver is obvious pull with virile and that turns you to metal which implies dust, but really it must mean fulcrum, I meant that in color and that’s anti-R to caption it
and there’s also the cited: catholitique holiday a spirit uel
where you “fast” I thin you can,
and so you turn to “dust”
theme: houses and families
theme music (citation): The Killers , “smile like you mean it” youtube dot com as accessed on 91016
there are no inferiorities in dreams, but there are differences in sizes in dreams
every being comes into existence to realize its , the beings dream

read cited: soul pieces 23
it’s about the “strife” of writing “special” fictions while;
encumbered in the unencumbered wealth of a stupid’s economics
hence is born the “special” writer.
non-fiction note here: check out soul pieces 23 now available and published, which will enter a free period tomorrow for five-days; see the link below to access this publication in fiction citing: amazon/kindle

part art statement.
I felt her hair like a flare. But I meant the pants, and not the signal.

part next art statement.
if you really love chocolate;
then there’s something really right with you.


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