On Teddy Bears: Toad’s Fiction

On Teddy Bears: Toad’s Fiction
by Goura Fotadar
date: 91316

Part One.
Look it’s my teddy bear
is my teddy bear’s name.
{he moves his lips, like a mime-r; and tells H that H is too dumb to talk to me. What’s my name, says Look it’s my teddy bear.}
skit musique (citation): eminem “my name is …”
say a-loud: rib it rib it rib it

H still doesn’t understand that stuffen animals,
aren’t real.
skit musique (citation): eminem “my name is …”
say a-loud: rib it rib it rib it
fiction prop (citation): current commercial ” … ren … ‘ … jewelers'” as heard again thru gen. radio 91316

H says you play with those small things,
pointing a finger to pee philia;

except I’m a kid, a reel kid! in stages of development labelled different stage develop names; that I can’t remember but that you recall for h-e-l-p; but that’s a not-necessary promise to h-e-l-p from those names,
since you’re an accessory to those that don’t understand fiction by “choice”
and then all contact things to “those” such then described above? by “choice”
it’s real
ly, crimi naw.

skit musique (citation): eminem “my name is …”
say a-loud: rib it rib it rib it

Part Two. Commas and Friends
cited: muppet babies, and winnie the-pooh and friends
te period is friend
te periods is friends
not sure sewers iff I’m a refere to bloode
commas mean father(s)
and parens mean kilt
the parens of which you commas are periods; but not necessary; it is of bloode.

Part Three. In Rvic Rites dials : The Hope of Art’s Progress
non-fiction, theme: the cleaners are hear again! while, the next publication is out, again; the two coincide: publications with cleaners’ vistings.
then as if H had not gotten pointe;
and it was the tradicion to cited: always (maxi, pads) to perform in ballets like ballets
H yelled about H’s knowledge of art
bitten on not knowing what good mean, t or abstract is-was-will-be?

art statement, the next one.
Part Four. Can you imagine.
what creativite { acomma ment about a being meant}

part toad.

{act like you care?}
what’s going on, why is your back wide.
someone more competent : yeah so wide.
I didn’t say so.
someone more competent: {say so} so you admitted it.
yeah (imitating falsely)
someone more competent: and you’re proud of it.
Shut up! you dumb B*
someone more competent (if you don’t bind my mouth): to be in cliches,
well I’m a lot of things, but I’m not dumb. wait, I’m not done. you are though. {Dumb, I mean, t at least.} Does that mean, I’m not sure; that you have right to speak.


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