Gender of the Yellow Bus.

Gender of the Yellow Bus.
date: 91816

Part One. The Yellow Bus.
it wasn’t a yellow bus
the back on one of those city
and I wasn’t sure if he was a she or he
or how he/she got there
and that part wasn’t offensive to me
that it might the gender derivation
be he/she.

Part Two.
(I was thinking of the fish)
Yeah, hu hu
he was swimming in that shit.

Part Three.
I sit cross legged and its a n avenue of muscle on its own
as “mothers” sit with sons
or “fathers” sit with sons
attempting to break in-to
a base.

Part Four.
What do you think about a base of flowers;
and not a vase of flowers.
I was just thinking
hu hu hu

Part Five. They say
they say she’s lucky because she can’t get pregnant
they say she’s been having sex with adults and new kids at school
they say they’re not very smart because they listen to her sex practices
as if they are the ascetic variete of sex ism;
and really that should have a secondary meaning;
sex ism; the act of sexing
except there is no they it’s just a one other
and she doesn’t know that until;
the city bus flags at a stop which really is a miniature flagpole with a sign.

Part Six. Age 13 A Skit.
They say youshould try it she says she went to the doctor and she can’t pregnant.
I say condoms don’t exist yet, and I can’t try it;
first of all I don’t want to;
second of all, I’m actually a girl.
She’s a girl.
No I mean a vagina and I bleed.
Well, why don’t you want to do it.
It’s normal
I say this isn’t the MidWest and peer pressure is uncool you wouldn’t want to be
unpopular so you better disguise it as something else.
You’re a snob.
I know and I think that’s fun.
What do you gonna do when you’re old and guys don’t like you anymore.
That doesn’t make any sense I’m a guy.
O.K. whatever (my name).

citing voicethread;
check-out a non-singing voice rendition of this or slide 184:


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