for the fiction, blog; written on 10.20.16 (to post) Spray

philandering titles in s o ci al services ; people wnder we ar are you my feet

are plaster to your concis ce dirt I sit and philander a correction on its meaning; we wonder about the tampns on among

the pink strips of authorite and will you burn on those; a slandering verbage of colloquial running short on green drink except when you drink to fill.

everybody wants to be featured in the feature-less glade; cited: gladespray me you is me me : I’m not talking-taking away everything : I mean my body is stressed : are you that reckless with


my drink (ck). It’s a shady spot hear. Velcro cited: Velcro

puddings; too

many backs turned that aren’t kind


other s : hand rinsed

washed wit/h



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