fiction to post: 11.2.16 uhmm; yum

the flavor is so

purr, fectations;

affectations you

almost furr, get :

cited: jolly



“green apple” (flavor)

there’s quite a major l’arte outside on the rap, purr ; the hair is tangled ; purr,

purr; we stair at clouds theme (music) citation: stairway to heaven

cited: reading of, and page 1 of cited, “Welcome to Samantha’s World – 1904 … THE AMERICAN GIRLS COLLECTION “


part I. it’s the opportune time; we pleat her wit it; the paintings are vivid;

like the name, v, e ; still being worked on they ; you hope see fly; eh, fly;

a fly. You can feel the pane stem against the covered pane; of grey past,

yours; and the here curls to a pray’s hear!


part II. can you imagine, man. I like your l’arte on-the Bug. cited: duh, nuh; nuh

cited: Dick Tracy.

can you imagine, man; climbing to the top of that climber bungeeglue; and

jumping on top of that bush.


part III. In the windows of tree leaves. a space ; can imagine sleeping inside that

base – like tree TRUNK; Do you think it’d let you.


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