Classy Grass! The Atlas Cliche Fiction

Like how a tree is art (part) of

the at,mos, phere ; I’m floored by their beauty

there are splintered sticks on the ground. The Atlas

citing: Ayn Rand and also citing: The Almanac

when you see a real barbaric spirit;

you know it’s reel.

back to class y grass (sung): grass you’re so

classy; crass [sp?]

classy grass ; well, you grow ; you see wat class;

mean (class, mean; class, mean!)

wo; ahr   so crass [sp?]

crude; crew, ed; crewed.

crude, can, new

all of the children strung together through The Atlas

puts all  in childhood

The Atlas

but cry what is

back to classy g rass: (arrow to) guh, rass guh, rass

go, roars instead of [sounds Like Gross]

                             citing: that song can’t remember name 

citing: (soap opera) all of my


[sounds Like . . .] bench,

fence, trance, Prince

trance Prince! , classy gra ss (bottom bracket)

The End




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