Suicide is can

Art for today / art statement (fictional) date: 11816

Theme ; Suicide is can be a men(tally) heal(the) (with an accent e) re-flect I on

                                                                  of Life :

a colon to will de, climber

Like – a – Vine .

bal / coney  -> {arrow to} balance coney (is, land?)

but I call it ;

ter , race

terra, race

Earth  maybe

but not peep, hole

Earth clay

product arrow to insertion citation: clay deodorant (cited more: Zion Health as found again through online google search on 11916)


continued on 11916 As un                                                cited: for The Witch Goura, series on cited: Amazon Kindle

comfortable as the

normal bra is that’s how comfortable

the  yoga bra ; and not

necessarily the sports bra ; is,

but I haven’t thought of a mail

equivalent to the yoga bra :

in comfort :




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