clean water of the puddle “the fight”

{ for fiction to post : 11.10.16

I was at the library today; it was obvious at the

other place that they were too small; it was a sign of

severe malignant abuse. I fell asleep in-between reading severely ; and I was both

rested and tired; in that hour, and past it. I fell asleep in a comfortable couch-chair. My feet

propped. Past that hour all could sea the sheen of work in my face; demeanor; and with it they

could also understand my exhaustion

how hard I had worked

while they pretend

they had ;

all except a few ; a slight;

and this became known as The Grafting Shift.

Because I had not other choice. }


{for fiction to post: 11.11.16

names have genders : unisex, or is it androgynous [sp?]

and trans, and . . .

you can help them grow; I blow on a whistle ; a

whistle wish flower ; without

a wish.

jasmine like lookers blin; belling ; leaves

that look cloth; a gangrene design without the gangrene; a tree that is

I can’t describe

In the spigot of fireworks ; there were two men

to my best friend, that;

you haven’t lived until . . .

you eaten a blondie

it’s not that expensive ; it’s like

affordable – expensive

that were actually women

throwing tiny rocks

at the lift

shooting guns or

planning to

and “fighting” anti-anti-Semitism

in a puddle is my cited: nacho spit , clean water of the puddle,

and a sanitized creant of plant – tree

and then it was too Dark to Stay

but the, one firework hung low enough

that you could touch it

all you have to-do to

make it grow is wave

your hands around it. }


{for fiction to post 11.12.16 The Stealing Curve : A Method to Live in The Greens

it was just for a moment that I left my “stuff” on the

corner bench where the legs could thrown up with ease

work-outs between rest and more work ; most don’t comprehend

that work-outs fall into work; they are a way  ; a method

to live; the lights just went out; I’m so confused; I was shone (shown)

that because Brahma is not yet enlightened we are seeing

this world upside; I’m not sure about ground ; but the sky is

supposed what we walk; but on the ground we’re still walking-a double meaning.

To run to the bathroom; my back often has near

runs; much like the animals ; unlike them though; perhaps un fortunate

I can’t just drop the runs almost wherever.


theme: the drop

theme music citation: drop the world lil’ wayne


and my stuff was gone. To traverse through the greens to the corner bench you’d

have to be able to move at lightning speed. Nothing valuable was in my “stuff;”

just a notebook full of my various writings; and my phone; which was

replaced for free;

money still exists?

When I reflected on what had happened ; I wondered if it had been a

better outcome for me if I’d taken my “stuff” with me ; but then

I wondered about the trees, plants, and even dirt and grass; and I

wonder if I’d would have robbed my “stuff” and the greens

by not letting them work together alone ; to clean.


at present ; they roly poly on-the-ground is cleaning as his bumble bee

swirms around him likely cleaning.


there’s a beauty to the body lifts that isn’t easily captured indoors but outdoors

through the trees upon your body’s lift (by you) you sea a real Outdoor’s

Sky; “roof?” The Out-doors.}


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