cabbie re:

{fiction to post 11.25.16 

cabbie re : cycle the bin like beens .

it’s a miracle, actually ; everytime you figure some ing



I was convinced

that being near trees ; helps PTSD recover :

cited: (PTSD) DSM

and that the dirt on-the-foot: at the pums helped the

sickles of grass waver or even say through light of leaves where the

face is a tree but not the whole tree but the part that is its

mind recognition. the art of being with geese ; some people

don’t know ; the geese sprawl as opposed to following them. through that

part of mind recognition the trees are from a view to manchester: again; like magic!


{fiction to-post : i have to clean my ears

about kids ; cited: kids the movie

the blood art    by dill

cited: dill pick’les

oh my god! rest that’s watt it peels lied.

fiction to post 11.27.16 the cross is vax

the garden is dried thorns

they ca’t hurt anymore

the eye’s blank a

port to divinity ways;

the sky’s another time : the ’50s

and the water tastes better than it does


cited (again) : sarah



that tree looks   like an

electrical conductor. the wind’s

ice; and the sacrament cures starvation;

( in way : that could mean) even

in its tiny bit ; a tiny bit : sacrament.}





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