how it-works! a story of creation

{ fiction to post 11.29.16 at thirteen he was an old hag.

With a nasty bug-her filled

nose ; his plan was to trap them in a {arrow to} foreign country ; the the

country of skis and slopes ;

and taken their citizenship.

But there was no their; just a her : &

that’s not how it-works!

he lied at fifteen in a denied citizenship ship of

ghetto high school

experience  in the

states; but states when


her drove by ,

that’s not how it-works!

& they were never a romantic


the high school was a niche of rich

without the pressures : of the too rich ;

and without the work of the niche to really form

he described gangs, and gettings jumped ; things that could have

never passed near or inside that modern green interior

where kids would group to be hipstir

stir :

that’s not how it – works!}


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