From living capacity, arte

From living capacity, arte

Date: 12216


Tags: trauma fiction, fictional art statements, various , childhood, truth fiction


Flying lobes like lobsters,

Oh again; they’ve lost access;

Oh again.

Birds wings in new colors.

I’m just crying about fiction I’m writing.

Ladder lettering: when’s swim much.  (an art statement)

Markers are long; white sheets. To climb in clean steps.

Moon eclipses and solar systems (childhood, art statements)

Oh you’re so dirty! So dirty!

Arrow to new hearts not new new hurts.

Line to hear-here.

A {scratch} to-the:

Cosmos. Spread that jam oh traffic,


Box me in in purple sweat, hers. Wears yours. Must have to be welcome. {really} to enter.

Sweat entry.



how to (^really) smoke

cigarettes [sp?]

it’s like(s)

a ladder;

just a ladder


tags: the question mark,

police fiction, art movement fict, cultural fiction

fiction art statement : cited: brainstormers


there’s too much

spark movement

for it to be safe.


I assigned myself library work;

undercover ; it was my idea ;

nobody would know who-I-am;

but if they really knew ; they’d guess

I was a cop ; and that’s

o.k. ; that’s how undercover

works; but if they’d ask-me : what

do you think I’d say: ?

{line to}

next, nobody

really knows how : it doesn’t

matter who lites it ; you suction on it

hard , and then blow it out

to create as much smokeaspossible around you;

and you keep doing it ; until you can’t anymore.





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