title: who would write about this?

fictional art statement,  continued, 121116

the pee-ing poop-ing situation

is a huge pro – lemma:

hold-ing and hold-ing  it un til

sun’s brake(1)

(2) … more?

it can brake your boons

and you don’t wanna have j’hail

to p – p

among dark purple

and bright lavender skies

and with all : the cameras

around ; find a tree

and pull-up (cited)

not pull – down

the time to clothes the i’s is now!

wipe; and if can:

wait to clutter the pipes & not

the environment with “human” feces

there’s a liter (lite-r) plane in-the-Sky

is it legal to knot let “us” p-p

s – t                  cited: smart dads (italics)

time to carve out a college’s pe-bottle

it’s clean next to such-a-thing

such : a-thing! } {always wear!

skirt – types!} {it’s so nice to sweep

in-the: Dark}




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