I se cones


next fictional art statement:

grief is an emotion you can


next f a s :

instead of doing your work;

meditate; just, problem solve!

{fiction to post; fictional art statement: She hears every Ultra-sound; and herded coffee; hells you?


(fictional art statement)

(arrow to)

{fiction to post : in the cited: coke ball

art in a dough

the words travel less distance}

theme: it’s easy for you to say!

{next fictional art he has no kin!

statement : no social circle ; {you don’t have

to talk to your social circle :

communicate, maybe. }

no family of solidarity }

the ball, in-the-Sky.}

{next fictional art in my-dreams!

statement: I se cones.}

{next fictional art statement 12.15?.16 not the : Missing Type.}




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