for the next cited: rum’s theory on cited: kindle (cited: amazon)

in the volunteer give-away at the local library : I de, scovered a thing of interest which

is the genre of culinary historical art . What is it? Publishing rules included, I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to cite; but it has to do, with :

but how about an anonymous type-ified but anonymous posited description with supplementary art :

the conceptual retreat of a certain type opening to rest

and of course such accommodating decorative themes of arte.

theme (last e with an accent) d’la arte (last e with an accent).

here theme(last e with an accent) almost(s–suh – suh — ) sounds like a soup

and arte (last e with an accent) its accompanying vegetales.

(likely, thick-skinned ones)

an asset of news which, witch clichés of term: history (ies)

imply ;

{draw arte (last e with an accent) to heal from that place’s racisme(last e with an accent) toward otheus (u with an accent).

that’s it for now}


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