{arrow to} Intended Plans

{ next fictional art statement : 1.4.17 about hu: she’s a d-b

she had about 6 mos. of fake lore in that grate

nobody talks to hu anymore; and instead talk thru

hu; plus(+) he’s not a girth; letting others no! about

her intended plans of plagiarism ; so stopped thru he’s:

knowledge-voice. {age 12}


From the Past … Again?

{fiction to post: 1.4.17 the bladder, burr? is gone; it points blab, ber to healing in its Lie; and there’s a face in-the

chair with an open Un-dead Mouth and I think about that band-group , again cited: Silverchair


among the periphery floral we admire things we don’t actuale’ admire,

and we can’t wait for adulthood; even though being Teen, Age! is so


do you smell herr hare? on thoughts of those figmenting toward animals. }



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