aside: 01.06.17 {fiction to post} – The Study & … Bladder Conditioners

the sun room is full of sun!

of   and there’s a way to examine l’arte

here in the un-convention hear of the

this room: I catch the movies that belong

on the usual; yet not quitemade: of

all themoves, musiques, etc; that must belong

to it; there are none-of-the useful-us,ual

art-pieces that you + examine, and;

you can look afar from to covers &

wonder y is he in a military, teary;

uni-form ; when it’s only a heart {draw heart}-story;

and why is he the only person featured

in the scene; when it’s supposed to be

about hers ; and isn’t that interesting

about the super pull of benches pushing

in other places/to : other places; and

the super-naturel freakshow jazz

band you’ve been looking four; since

age 5-6? Honey is dripping

into your presents; and it’s time to urine/ate?

but y.

theme citation: bizarre, cited: “1942: A Love Story”



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